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Gem Tree Art by Larry Farber

Tree Components

Larry encourages your input – gem trees are most special when they’re personalized.
Please contact Larry to discuss all options.

Receiving one of Mr. Farber’s gem trees, as a gift, was a delightful experience. Knowing he had created this particular tree specifically for me, made it wonderfully personal, and therefore, even more valued!”  — Brenda Palmer

Gem tree components:

Gems: Gems are, of course, the crux of the piece and the primary visual element. A variety of color and textural options are available. Stones are available in a variety of cuts including round, chunks, leaves, slices, grapes and chips. Additionally, gems are often selected because of their additional meaning as a birthstone or traditional therapeutic properties.
If you would like to include a gem that you don’t see on this site, please contact Larry.

Size: Trees are typically 3″ tall or larger.

Base: The base supports the tree and is typically made of stone. All trees come with a stand made of cedar which may be either unfinished or polished. Stands may also be designed to rotate.

Fetish: The “fetish” is the animal that you want included as part of your tree. Birds, hand carved from stone, are often used. You may request a type of bird (i.e.,cockatoo, robin, blue jay). Animals may be carved out of any gemstone as well (i.e., a malachite bear, a lapis elephant).

Wire: Wire is used to support the tree branches. Depending on the height and width of tree, varying gauges of wire need to be used. Wire can be made out of copper or steel in any color requested. For very expensive trees, sterling may be used any gauge necessary.

Plaque: A custom engraved plaque may be included on the base of your tree. The plaque may be made out of the metal you request: copper, brass or even sterling silver. This is a popular option for trees that are intended as gifts.

Please note: by default, gem trees are intended for indoor display because they contain some non-toxic glue which can dissolve in water. An outdoor tree can also be made on request, but please note this tree may patina due to the elements.