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Gem Tree Art by Larry Farber


tree0003When I first met Larry, he allowed me to view his personal collection of Gem Trees. All I can say is I was in AWE. The detail of the craftsmanship and the artistic eye blew my mind. I spent several hours looking at each one and seeing how each one was unique, never two the same. To be honest, I became obsessed with them and begged Larry to teach me the art. With his big heart and love for people and his craft, he did just that. I spend many hours making my own trees now, only wishing that one day I could even come close to the artist that he is.


The tree in this picture was one that Larry made for me and my beautiful bride when we were married. It sits proudly in our home and for us has a very special meaning. He put his love into that piece and it is a constant reminder of not only that he’s a true artist but also that he’s a true friend. If you are looking for that perfect gift there is none better then a piece of true art built just for you by Larry.

– Ted N.

tree0050Larry created a housewarming gift for me. The stones in the tree were cloudlike white as were the bird which sat on a large lapis blue base. Each time I pass the tree I am reminded of the warm welcome which this gift blessed me with. Later, on a birthday, Larry presented me with a gem tree which was obsidian coal black stones complimented by a bird of the same color sitting on a snowflake obsidian base. This tree is a constant reminder of our friendship.


Emerson said “the only true gift is a gift of thyself” and this gem tree was truly a part of Larry’s self.

– Franklin Harris

tree0119Let this be a letter, not only of recommendation, but also of testimony, to the incredible beauty and artistry demonstrated in the Gem Trees created by Larry Farber!  I own two of these beautiful creations, and hope to continue to acquire more of them in the future.
I have had the privilege of carefully examining many of the gem trees; the delicate workmanship and attention to detail is amazing! Especially enjoyable are stories or themes created within each individual piece, with all elements closely relating to each other.
Receiving one of Mr. Farber’s gem trees, as a gift, was a delightful experience. Knowing he had created this particular tree specifically for me, made it wonderfully personal, and therefore, even more valued! – Brenda Palmer

tree0061When I first had the opportunity to view Larry’s gem tree art about a year ago I was in awe. I had the honor of being able to see over 150 pieces of his work and I spent hours admiring each of them. The different bases and gemstones and shapes and hand carved birds and other animals are all unique. My first thought was, “wow, I have never seen anything like these” and my second thought was, “what a perfect gift for ALL occasions and for everyone.”


I have a few family members that I struggle every year to find a gift for that they don’t already have. These gem trees are the perfect choice. They are unique, affordable, and beautiful. If my house were burning down or flooding, I have always said that I would grab my photo albums first (after my children and dogs of course!) since they can never be replaced. I would now add my gem tree with aquamarine gemstones that I received for my birthday to the short list of things I would want to save if I were to have leave my home. Need I say more? Weddings, birthdays, Christmas, any occasion…. pick your favorite stones and colors and Larry will create a unique piece of art. What an amazing talent. I keep mine on my desk so I can look at it everyday while working on my computer. – Kim R.

tree0107I own several of Larry’s beautiful gemstone tree masterpieces. Each one is truly unique and handcrafted by Larry to create its own powerful statement. They were designed according to my preferences and desires and I have been extremely pleased with the results.


Using his intutive artistic approach, including both a great imagination and an eye for detail, he creates a piece of art that can stand alone in any part of a home or office. Larry is truly a talented artist! – Terri Morgan

tree0038Are you considering the purchase of a gem tree?
Over the past few years I have purchased several gem trees that were all made by Lawrence Farber. While all are different in size, color and personality, they share the same high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Pictures only begin to describe the beauty of each gem tree. They instantly enhance any room where they displayed.
– Edward Greene

tree0004Larry Farber gave The Refuge several beautiful trees but the one that stands out the most is crafted from stone, copper and “Fall” colored gems. This one of a kind hand crafted piece of art brings an “Autumn” like feel to any room it rests.


Larry’s Spiritual Journey is very evident in his delicate and stunning work and The Refuge is very thankful and truly blessed for having such a gorgeous piece on our property.
– Judy T. Crane, LMHC, CAP, CSAT and Executive Director of The Refuge

tree0013This is one of several pieces of Larry’s extraordinary artwork that bring the natural beauty of the gems and minerals abounding in our earth.


Note the elephants grazing within the piece.
– Steven Andres

tree0001Our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary was two months away and I had the perfect idea for a gift to my lovely wife – a gem tree made up of our own birthstones. We have only one gemstone shop in our city and the trees were very small and unattractive, so I asked if they would make a custom one, but they couldn’t get the gems I required so I went looking on the internet and to my surprise the quality that I was looking for was few and far between – until I came across Lawrence Farber’s website and saw what outstanding work he has done. The photos of his creations were breathtaking; and something told me I had finally found the artist I was searching for all this time.


After some initial contacts by email and phone, we got around to planning the work. When he realized the scope of what I wanted he became very excited to produce it, even knowing that it was going to take a lot of searching for the right gems, carvings, and other ideas he suggested that would make the finished work a thing of beauty. He was persistent and very demanding of the quality of the materials to be used and because of that what I thought would take two months turned into eight months to create through no fault of his own due to his checking on materials, sending back ones that didn’t meet his expectations, taking the gems to the jewelers just to have them authenticated, dealing with the numerous vendors, etc.

His ideas to improve upon what I envisioned were astonishing to me and we both were then growing more and more anxious to see the final work completed. He had materials imported from as far away as India, Brazil, the canyon areas of the United States and beyond.


Working with him was a pleasure, because he was an honest man to deal with and I felt comfortable all along the way because I knew he was always out for my best interests. He never once complained about how I wanted the piece constructed (as I stated, it was more of a teamwork of ideas between he and I) and always explained to me when vendors were late with deliveries or sent, what to him, were unacceptable pieces for his creation for which he returned until they were what he expected. His knowledge of gem art is practically unsurpassed in this country in my opinion.


Then the day came when he completed the beautiful piece of art and, to my surprise, personally made the long trip to our house to deliver it. As soon as my wife saw it and the sterling silver plates on it stating it was her anniversary gift and personally signed by him, she burst into tears of joy. It took her completely by surprise, and now the first thing everyone sees when they enter our front door is his magnificent work of art made for us. My wife looks at it every day and smiles.


We are deeply indebted to Mr. Farber for all his hard work into making our anniversary one to remember always. Thank you, Larry!

– M. and G. Elia